As part of the Low Voltage installations, Ruifer operates in the areas of supply, assembly, inspection and maintenance of installations intended to services, industry, logistics, trade and occasionally for habitation.

This is a broad area from the general­purpose facilities, UPS installation, capacitor banks, public lighting, to the technical management and automation systems.


In medium voltage installations, Ruifer supplies and installs aerial and underground networks, transformer and switching stations.

This is a service also extended within the Quality Management System certification.


In the telecommunications area, Ruifer installs, according to the “ITED” (telecommunications infrastructure in buildings) regulation, copper pair, optical fiber and coaxial networks in the various types of use, including datacenters. Since the beginning of its activity that also performs telephone exchanges installation services.

Being Ruifer certified by Dätwyler, the company present a certificate of warranty issued by the manufacturer of the installation for the copper pair and optical fiber networks performed with material of this brand.


Ruifer supplies and installs Fire Detection Systems, Intrusion Detection and Theft, Access Control and CCTV.

The company is duly registered in the “ANPC” (Portuguese Civil Protection Authority) for the conduct of such activities, which also enters the supply and installation of fire extinguishers and signage.